Journey to the Slafe Slafeceous is a 3-part special 10th Episode Anniversary. Although the real episodes are separate, they are technically one episode. Upon discovering a special flower, Slafer and Brachiosaurus suddenly get warped back into the time of the Dinosaurs! Unfortunately, when they arrive, Slafer and Brachiosaurus get separated, so Slafer goes to look for him and meets many dinos from many different periods. At one point, Slafer encounters a group of carnivores, but is saved by an Ankylosaurus. Some time later, Slafer witnesses a fight between a heroic Stegosaurus and a "ferocious" Allosaurus. As he continued to stumble through the dark, Slafer finally finds Brachiosaurus and his long-lost great-great-great-great.... Grandpa Orson together. But they are not safe for long! Another Allosaurus (who is much more threatening) attacks the trio and knocks Brachiosaurus to the ground and prepares to bite his head off. Suddenly, a giant green thing crushes it and Slafer & friends are saved! The giant thing turns out to be Brachiosaurus' mother, Brach-O-Mama, and Brachiosaurus becomes reunited with his family. Later, Brach-O-Mama helps them to obtain a Purple Warp Flower, and they return to the present.

Trivia Edit

.All of the characters from the Mezozoic Era (Orson, Brach-O-Mama) become shrunk after experiencing the space-time continuum lapsing