Ballistic Boisterous Battle Bot is the 8th episode in the Adventures of Slafer series. Slafer begins the episode by showing the audience his brand-new Battle Bot, Slafe-O-Bot and continues to boast about it. After a quick battle against two-time World Champion Battle Bot, Skeeter and proving victorious, Slafer is soon challenged by the Seedlin' and HIS Battle Bot, Seed-O-Bot, who is obviously more capable. The two robots engage in a long battle until Seed-O-Bot reduces Slafer's Slafe-O-Bot into nothing but a head. Miraculously, Seedlin's robot trips over Slafe-O-Bot's head and Seed-O-Bot is destroyed. Then, the Seed-O-Bot makes one last attempt and its head turns into a wheel bike. Slafer's Bot cleverly merges with Seed's, thus reigning Slafer the winner!